IVR Announcements

Publication of the proceedings of the 25th World Congress (Frankfurt 2012)

Two ARSP-Beihefte were published containing lectures from the XXV. World Congress in Frankfurt (2011):
1. Ulfrid Neumann/Klaus Günther/Lorenz Schulz (eds.), Law, Science, Technology. Plenary lectures presented at the 25th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Frankfurt am Main, 2011 (ARSP-Beiheft Nr. 136 [2013]);
2. Carsten Bäcker/Sascha Ziemann (eds.), Junge Rechtsphilosophie (ARSP Beiheft 135 [2013])

It was further published:
Klaus Mathis (ed.), Law and Economics in Europe. Foundations and Applications, New York: Springer, 2013;
In preparation is: Malte-Christian Gruber/Jochen Bung/Sascha Ziemann (eds.), Autonome Automaten. Künstliche Körper und artifizielle Agenten in der technisierten Gesellschaft, Berlin: trafo 2013.  

The contributions of several other workshops will be published as collected volumes. All lectures that were not published in print (116) are published

IVR Executive Committee 2011/15

Honorary Presidents:
Aulis Aarnio (Finland)
Junichi Aomi (Japan)†
Eugenio Bulygin (Argentina)
Hermann Klenner (Germany)
Enrico Pattaro (Italy)
Carl Wellman (USA)

Prof. Dr. Ulfrid Neumann (Germany)

Prof. Dr. Christian Dahlman (Sweden)
Prof. Dr. Leslie Francis (USA)
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Guibourg (Argentina)
Prof. Dr. Éric Millard (France)

Other Members:
Prof. Dr. João Mauricio Adeodato (Brazil)
Prof. Dr. Fernando Atria (Chile)
Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Chiassoni (Italy)
Prof. Dr. Emilios Christodoulidis (United Kingdom)
Prof. Dr. Svein Eng (Norway)
Prof. Dr. Jorge Cerdio Herran (Mexico)
Prof. Dr. Martin Krygier (Australia)
Prof. Dr. Francisco Laporta (Spain)
Prof. Dr. Kevät Nousiainen (Finland)
Prof. Dr. Byung-Sun Oh (Korea)
Prof. Dr. Marijan Pavcnik (Slovenia)
Prof. Dr. Tetsu Sakurai (Japan)
Prof. Dr. Tomasz Stawecki (Poland)
Prof. Dr. Pauline Westerman (Netherlands)
Prof. Dr. Xu Xianming (China)

Non-voting Members:
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Schulz (Secretary-General)
Richterin am BGH Dr. Annette Brockmöller (Editor-in-Chief of the ARSP)
Prof. Dr. Yasutomo Morigiwa (immediate past president)

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